Mill Pack

When our customers have a home built or remodeled, they do so with the desire to have a flawlessly beautiful home with embellishments created with care and superior, top-quality craftsmanship.

Our millwork packages ensure a beautiful finish. Each millwork package is custom-tailored to the individual home and tastes of the owner, however, the customer can expect certain standard features to be included in every millwork package.

What do millwork packages include?

Millwork packages include window casings, door jambs, baseboards, trim, and crown molding. They also may include other milled elements, depending on the individual home and desires of the homeowner.

A professional finished look

Attention to the fine details are what truly separate a beautifully designed home from a standard home. Nothing short of perfection is acceptable when it comes to millwork detailing with regard to caulking, staining, varnishing, smoothing each piece of the final product.

A beautiful home

Our customers put a lot of time and money into their home. A well-executed millwork package insures that the finished product, including every piece of millwork, is meticulously finished so there is a smooth, flawless flow throughout the room. It’s crucial that every indentation, seam, and flaw be eliminated from the end product. The final results are delivered on time and result in a home which is nothing short of spectacular. This will provide lasting, results which exceed every expectation and can be enjoyed by the homeowner for years to come.