How To Calculate the Amount Of Paint You Will Need For Repainting Your Home Exterior

How To Calculate the Amount Of Paint You Will Need For Repainting Your Home Exterior
You can always consult with someone experienced at making exterior paint estimates, but if you want to learn a bit more on the topic and know how it works, we suggest you read the following tips and suggestions which Miles Plus Painting & Surface Cleaning, of Olympia, WA, has prepared for you. If you are on a budget and want to calculate the exact amount of paint to buy before the day of the big painting, you can: Color guide for design
  1. Measure the height and the length of all the walls you need to get painted. 10 feet per story is the regular assumption you can take into consideration when doing it. As you will definitely need to have some overhangs painted, you better leave 2 feet extra for them.
  2. Find the square footage of the surface your painter will have to cover. You can easily do this by multiplying the length of the walls by their height. Then you have to measure the height and width of each window and door frame, use the same formula to calculate the sq. footage, and add up the results to arrive at a total estimate.
  3. If you have less than 400 square feet, usually a single gallon of trim paint is sufficient for a single coat. If you want to apply two coats, in case the surface is porous, you better double the quantity of paint you purchase.
If this painting formula is still not clear enough to you, you better contact an experienced local painter and arrange a free consultation. After all, you don’t want to purchase too much and be stuck with a shade of leftover paint, or even worse get too little initially and not be able to match the color exactly when you visit the store for some extra paint. Calculating exterior paint quantities is a tricky job, but a very rewarding one when you manage to do it right! To make it easier you may even bring a few photos to the store where you purchase the paint from. This way the shop assistant may advise you on how many coats you will need to apply.