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Lot and His Daughters

I want to thank everyone that commented I'm not used to teen girls and heard stories. Wife is giving me a crash course on young ladies. Thanks everyone. Divorce is not a good thing.

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But in his dazzling new book, Rob Polhemus asks a far more provocative and unnerving question: what do young women want from older men? Though dense and rigorous, Polhemus's book is quite lively: general readers with an interest in any of the figures discussed will be intrigued. Its material includes paintings and movies and scandals-an exciting array of opportunities, from Midrash to Monicagate, each offering an answer to the eternal, critical question: what do you young women want?

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It is a remakrable achievement. Polhemus has wrriten a sensitive, unsensationalist book which grips the reader's interest throughout. It takes thoughtful account of historical contexts, not without the occasional wisecrack for the benefit of those whose attention might be flagging, and, crucially, it grants its women agency and its old men dignity.

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It is a remarkable achievement. Lot's Daughters. Description Desc. Chapter 1. Table of Contents. Neither of my parents taught me the importance of holding myself and my sexuality to higher standards and to choose not to just give it away to any body. They certainly didn't tell me that boys will take what they can get wether or not they love or care about me.

Lot's daughters are four women, two unnamed people in the Book of Genesis, and two others, including Paltith, in the Book of Jasher. Only two daughters are mentioned in Genesis 19, while Lot and his family are in Sodom. Two angels arrive in Sodom, and Lot shows them hospitality. What Former Sluts Tell Their Daughters About Sex. You may also like. Skillet. She is a woman who has sex "a lot" - though we can't seem to define "a lot" - and for the wrong reasons. Lot's Daughters explores the relationship of fathers and daughters and of older men and younger females in history, life, art, and culture. This ambitious, daringly original book shows how humanity has remembered and been formed by Lot's daughters-how the shocking biblical text describing the crucial relationship between that patriarch and his daughters has haunted the .

I love both of these answers because they are both equally correct and valid. Part of what gets obscured in vital conversations about slut shaming is that in having to constantly defend a woman's right to be a sexual being who has sex on her own terms, we don't always get a chance to explore what those terms are emotionally. I'm talking about something beyond issues of consent or safety, but rather, the emotional well being that is a necessary part of healthy sexual exploration.

Lot's daughters

In my early twenties, I was a slut. I don't use that word to slut-shame myself, I use it because I feel that it accurately describes me at Or perhaps, "sexually pliable.

To be clear, Bland doesn't in any way say women who've had a lot of partners are bad news, she just says for her it wasn't a healthy thing to do because it was about seeking validation.

Lot's daughters live with their father in a cave after the destruction of Sodom, Gomorrah, and the other cities in the area. Fearing that no men are available to father their children, they make Lot drink wine on two consecutive nights and, while he is drunk, have sexual relations with Ken Stone. Last year I married a wonderful woman with a 14 year old teenage daughter. Is this teen flirting with me? She walks around the house in next to nothing, leaves the bathroom door open, I have walked in on her once, I don't think she saw me, but is . It's hard cause its a very scary situation I was molested by my step dad from 6 years old till I was When I told my mom she didn't believe me nobody in my family would believe me it was really sad and emotional for me and luckily my mom left him for another man but I'm 20 years old now and I still have trauma.

I suspect a lot of women feel this way about their own sexual growth - we are bombarded with mixed messages about how to perform sexuality. We are often well versed in performing sexiness long before we even know how to get ourselves off.

We go into experiences with a lot of curiosity and no guidance, and it can be trial by fire figuring out our own boundaries that way.

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All this can lead to weird notions about what sex is for, or what we're supposed to get out of it, or how to ask for what we want, or why we're even doing it. Resolving our mistakes can be a lifelong process.

Sex lot daughter

So what would that "different path" Bland mentions look like? Some ideas pending age appropriateness, of course :. And it feels good.

These are great reasons for being curious about it and good enough reasons for doing it. Wanting someone to like you or think you're cool or fun or doing it because you think you're supposed to? Not so great. Some people have a lot of partners because they are adventurous and love sex and are sex-positive and all that good stuff.

Failing To Answer Atheists - Lot's Daughters

But in order to feel that way, you have to have a real clear hold of who you are and what your worth is. There has to be a level of equality in those relationships. I had neither of those things when I was younger.

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I had no idea who I was and used sex to seek approval and a sense of worth. Newsflash - that doesn't work.

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Like the Loch Ness of sexual types, the slut has been allegedly spotted for centuries but never caught and studied. Who is she? What is she really all about? How does she operate? She is a woman who has sex "a lot" - though we can't seem to define "a lot" - and for the wrong reasons - though it's unclear exactly what those are. What matters is knowing your reasons, and your state of mind, and your level of engagement, and your own boundaries.

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That takes time to figure out, and as long as you are being safe, that process, including the mistakes, is all part of what it means to know yourself. Exploration is an important part of healthy sexuality, but that doesn't require a designated number of partners or designated relationship status. Back atuser whatim wrote in response to the promiscuity question:.

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I want the same thing for my sons and my daughters. Healthy sexual relationships with people who treat them well and are treated well in return.

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I'd rather my kid have a fun ONS with an interesting, respectful stranger than spend 15 years 'in love' with someone who uses her and makes her miserable.

I want my daughter to love and enjoy her bodybut that doesn't have to mean having a lot of partners. I think it's rare - not impossible, but rare - for a young women to be settled enough in her skin to be able to have a lot of partners without regrets.

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