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Keroro Gunso Opening 1(Kero! to March)

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. No, literally, they're sharing each others thoughts, guess you could count that as thinking the same. If there's one thing Giroro and Momoka have in common, it's a love realized, and with members of the same family at that. The two decide to join forces to win the hearts of Natsumi and Fuyuki Hinata.

Ever since Giroro was young, he wanted to be an excellent Keronian army soldier, just like his father. Other then that, Giroro doesn't interact much with his father, other than stating that his childhood was a bit volatile due to his father's being a bit of a maniac. He has since dropped the honorific, presumably out of respect for his brother's rank and due to their age though he has slipped up once or twice.

Keroro and Zeroro were childhood friends with Giroro.

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He was basically the normal kid of the group, sometimes getting dragged along on the group's misadventures. He developed a crush on Chibi Pururulike the rest of the group, but has since grown out of it.

Giroro gets easily annoyed by Keroro's incompetence as a leader and often beats and yells at him.

Apr 03,   Looking for information on the anime Keroro Gunsou (Sgt. Frog)? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Unsuspecting inhabitants of the planet Earth are going about their business, enjoying a bright and particularly beautiful sunny day, when a young Japanese boy spots a shiny object falling from the sky. Giroro (???) is a main character from the series Keroro Gunso. He is ranked corporal (?? gochou) in the Keron Army. Giroro is the single unit mobile infantry of the Keroro Platoon. He has proven to be very strong and resilient, and has been training to be a soldier nearly his entire life. He is. Originating as a gag-manga by Mine Yoshizaki, published in Shonen Ace starting in , and every bit as goofy as its English title Sergeant Frog would suggest, Keroro Gunso is the story of a not-so typical Japanese family and the alien frogs who turned their lives upside-down. When pubescent paranormalist Fuyuki Hinata and his tomboyish older sister Natsumi (14 in the manga, 13 in the.

However, Giroro gives him the benefit of the doubt and when asked to go through with one of Keroro's Invasion plans, Giroro usually does so because he has an undying hope that it's "different this time". Despite the constant fighting, Keroro and Giroro still see each other as friends and often do activities together such as synchronized swimming.

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Since Natsumi made it through Giroro's traps that he set and due to their somewhat similar mindsets, the two bonded and Natsumi became his partner and crush.

It's been shown that it's possible that Natsumi has a slight crush on Giroro. Giroro has a passionate crush on the young girl, and especially towards the beginning of the series he gets flustered when she speaks to him.

Giroro gets very jealous when it comes to someone that Natsumi has affections for and often watches her secretly when he sees her with a potential rival such as Koyuki Azumaya. Giroro dislikes Kururu due to opposing ideas Brain vs.

Brawn and does not interact with him a whole lot, though he does get flustered when Kururu teases him and the sergeant major seems to make Giroro uncomfortable. Kururu often chooses Giroro as a testing subject in later seasons, much to Giroro's anger and embarrassment. Giroro took in Neko Miss Furbottom in the Funimation dub from the rain and also gave her food. Neko has since remained Giroro's pet and friend. Giroro states that Neko is always close to him, but he doesn't mind.

Giroro seems to be jealous of Natsumi's and Koyuki's relationship, and he views Koyuki as a threat to his chance however nonexistent it may be at being Natsumi's partner.

Jan 22, Oct 20, More discussions. More featured articles. So why hasn't every TV station aired anime that could fit their style and demographic? If any network execs are reading this, consider these suggestions for anime series that could do well on American channels! Some are benevolent while others are malicious, and all will make the human race question their role in the universe.

View All. Add Detailed Info. PV Season 3 version play More videos Edit Synopsis Unsuspecting inhabitants of the planet Earth are going about their business, enjoying a bright and particularly beautiful sunny day, when a young Japanese boy spots a shiny object falling from the sky Has an alien invasion finally begun?

He infiltrates the home of the Hinata family in an attempt to establish a headquarters that he and his troops could use to prepare for world domination Natsumi instinctively calls them out of hiding, leaving the hapless sergeant no option but to reveal his secret identity. The Sergeant has successfully infiltrated his first target area! Or has he? Join Keroro Gunsou in his dastardly attempt to take over the world! Edit Background No background information has been added to this title.

Help improve our database by adding background information here. Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Kyuukyoku Keroro, Kiseki no Jikuu-jima, de Arimasu!!

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Chibi Kero: Kerobouru no Himitsu!? Keroro Main. Watanabe, Kumiko Japanese. Giroro Main. Hiramatsu, Akiko Japanese. Kururu Main.

Sex keroro gunso

However, once it falls on its back, it can't get up anymore. It's supposedly powerful, but never showed its power.

A modified version of the original Pekoponian Suit, but in casual clothes. It's designed to have no presence and assimilate into the background.

However, the user's head still stands out, making it a failure. Although it appears in the anime, the description of its name and abilities are omitted. Anime-exclusive suit. It was made for a cosplay competition, resembling a human sized version of the Dangal, with its head replaced by Keroro's. It comes with a helmet that can completely cover Keroro's face, unlike other Pekoponian suits. Although it carries beam saber hilts, they're only props unusable for combat.

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The appearance is the same, aside from a small display on its back, which describes its current role. While wearing this suit, Keroro forgets his own identity, acting completely in-character as a 24 years old Pekoponian office worker. He even believed that his face was just a mask that somehow had gotten stuck.

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Removal from the suit immediately restores Keroro's memories and personality. It resembles a short and overweight middle aged woman. Keroro in an afro wig, funky disco clothing complete with fringes and glitter. He ends his sentences in "Me-ow!

This is parody of Dance Manwho in turn wrote the theme song, Afro Sergeant.

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Keroro's helmet changes as a parody of Son Goku 's super saiyan or Sonic's super form. If this form changes his power level or not is unknown, however it does allow him to move 4 times his normal speed as well as give him flight abilities. He first used it in the manga to rescue Tamama from "Dark Momoka " when both character's first officially debut. Keroro's body becomes glossy when the humidity of the environment has reached a level higher than that of Keron. His combat, power, and intelligence increase threefold, as evidenced by Keroro's ability to take down Natsumi with but a whisper into her ear.

However, because of his strengthened biological reaction, it is easy for him to be discovered by hostile space aliens such as Viper and Nyororo Sucks the moisture out of him.

His speaking style also changes during this form.

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When Keroro enters this stage [16] [17]his whole body is heavily equipped. He transforms into this stage by pressing the star on his forehead.

However, its only weak point which Giroro immediately exploits is the head, which is completely bare. In the manga, this Keroro is a clone of the original Keroro but in anime, he is brainwashed by Garuru. In both, he wears Char Aznable's helmet in place of the original ones and becomes more sinister than before, willing to kill both Fuyuki and Natsumi when the Garuru Platoon tried to invade Earth in place of Keroro Platoon.

In the anime, he returned back to normal after briefly regressed to his juvenile state and return to his normal appearances. Some of Keroro's imagination when he can't sell any sweet potato dangos ikinari dangos. It is from the story of the Little Match Girl.

He acts like a stereotypical foreigner in love with Japanese culture, and claimed to love sukiyaki, sushi and Gunpla When Mutsumi sent Fubuki Sakuragasaki to face Keroro in an Arcade Game challenge with Earth's fate on the line, he also changed Keroro into this form, which mimics the appearance of low ranking members of the antagonists of Arcade Gamer Fubuki to hide Keroro's true form.

During the fourth movie, Shion turns Keroro into a green dragon. The upper part of his head is darker green with two straight horns, a yellow crest with a red star symbol, and yellow flaps like the ones Keroro has in Keronian form. He has an crooked yellow star symbol. When he first turned into a dragon and lost his mind, he was able to defeat the entire platoon singed-handed. He can produce blasts of fire which he calls Keroro Fireproject a star-shaped force field, and can pull out random items like a hammer with the insignia of France.

Dragon Keroro is also seen in episode In the manga, Keroro gains the ability to transform into this form thanks to the power of the Keron Star. This transformation is named Warrior Style in the manga, following a similar nomenclature to Shin Keroro 's Style changes. Keroro first activated the form thanks to extreme humidity, which led to a partial transformation, and Fuyuki being in danger, completing it.

Afterwards, he managed to activate it again by slipping on a banana peel and hitting his head, which seemed to make him more focused temporarily. Keroro still can't take the form at will under usual conditions, although he can do so with the help of Myou Kaneami 's ability to awaken hidden powers. However, he's actually an android remote controlled by Keroro. Kururu researched tastes of Pekoponian girls and created 5 androids that fit their preferences. Keroro controls Akira using the Invasion Substitute System through a special control room and full body suit hidden inside the Keroro Platoon Headquarters.

Also known as Keroro Girl Type. The female human form taken by Keroro due to the effects of a mysterious substance known as Sandstar. Aside from physical appearance, voice and personality also change.

Keroro Gunso episode 1 English Sub

Unlike other platoon members, Keroro's speech style remains the same, but she shows off her domestic skills without laziness and aspires to be an exemplary female soldier. In the Handsome Keroro Gunso Invasion Operationa collaboration with the Smiral merchandising label, the Keroro platoon become handsome men due to an invention created by Kururu in order to become popular with girls to obtain more invasion funds.

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