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Ginny rode into town on her chestnut horse, early on a Spring afternoon. Her purse was much heavier after her time at the OK Saloon. For the first time in a long time, she was flush with cash and she enjoyed the feeling. She spent most of her time on the trail, so money did not make a lot of difference there. But when she was in town, she planned to live a bit better than she was used to living.

The robe hugged her curves like a second skin and was too small to tie completely in the front. The v of the collar served as a window onto her bulging chest and only made it to mid-thigh on her long, powerful legs. She liked the effect. Barefoot and clutching a towel that she got from the wardrobe, she made her way downstairs.

A steaming bath was waiting for her. Ginny noticed that Mrs. Davenport had filled both tubs. She decided to take the one furthest from the door. Ginny soaked herself thoroughly, enjoying the steaming warmth. She immersed her head and soaked her flame-red hair. She soaped her head then used a bowl beside the tub to ladle on the water to wash her hair clean, for the first time in weeks.

Smiling contentedly, she slipped off to sleep in the hot water. A short time later, she jerked awake as someone opened the bathroom door. Ginny looked up and started. A statuesque blonde woman had entered the room. She was easily six feet tall, the same height as Ginny.

She was wearing slippers and a voluminous white robe that was tightly tied at her waist. The woman was wearing her honey-blonde hair in a tight bun. But, as Ginny watched, the woman reached up and loosened her hair, which fell over her shoulders in a cascade of golden tresses. The woman had not yet seen Ginny. She had her back to the room. Now, as Ginny watched, the woman stepped out of her slippers and untied her robe.

Ginny could only see the woman from behind, but what she saw made her almost salivate in anticipation. Her hips were wide and tapered down to her beautifully muscled legs. Her long legs were powerful and wonderfully formed.

The woman turned around, raising her hands to pull her hair back from her shoulders. Ginny almost gd in excitement. Her narrow waist curved out to wide, inviting hips. A thick thatch of dark blonde pubic hair protected her pussy, but could not hide the deep indentation of her slit. Thick milk chocolate brown nipples and areola crowned the massive golden orbs.

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Ginny took all of this in with a lustful glance. The other hand flew to cover her succulent pussy. Her eyes darted around, looking to see if there were other people in the room. I would have told you I was here, but I had fallen asleep!

But she saw no need to say this. The woman stood awkwardly in front of Ginny for a moment, frozen in the position of trying to preserve some semblance of modesty.

Then, her eyes went from shock to anger. Ginny realized she had fixed the other woman with an appreciative stare. She turned her head aside. A moment later, she heard the sound of the blonde woman sliding into the tub beside her own. She turned her head back. Now that the woman had the protection of the tub, Ginny hoped they could start their conversation again. She extended her hand. The blonde hesitated. Clearly, having conversations, let alone shaking hands with another naked woman, was not something that she was used to doing.

She was neck deep in the warmth, but her magnificent tits breached the water like two small islands. Ginny smiled as she watched the woman from the corner of her eye. To not ride this incredible woman would be a sin. But she needed to figure out how to do it. How long have you been here? She abruptly changed the subject. Would you mind if we saved our discussion until suppertime? Ginny rose from the water, completely unself-conscious.

Standing in the tub, her magnificent body on fully display, she raised her hands to squeeze the water out of her hair. Her massive, perfect breasts rose, high and firm and round, on her chest. She stepped out of the tub and toweled herself down.

She did not look at Julia as she did this, but she knew that the blonde had to be watching her intently. Ginny wrapped a towel around her head, then retrieved her robe.

She pulled it tight around her body and cinched it at the waist. Her tits were practically spilling out of the front and her long, bare legs seemed to stretch out forever. She paused inside the door, and smiled at Julia.

As she grew wet, as her tits swelled, she smiled back mildly. But her heart started to pound with excitement. Julia wanted her too. She could feel it, she could see it. Something about this woman was decidedly odd and contradictory.

With a final wave over her shoulder and an exaggerated swing of her hips and wiggle of her ass, Ginny left the bath. Barefoot, her tits bouncing happily, she made her way up the stairs and back to her room. She dropped the robe when she entered the room. Naked, she brushed out her long red hair in front of the mirror and then raided her saddle bags for a few items of clothing to wear to supper.

She did not have anything formal. She settled for a clean shirt and some jeans. She only had her dusty cowboy boots to wear for her feet. At 6 PM, she made her way to the dining room. Julia was already there. The teacher was dressed in a buttoned-up blue dress. The other boarder was also at dinner. This was Brenda, a young woman who was working at the local bank. She was pretty and slim and, under other circumstances, Ginny may have considered trying to bed her.

Miss Davenport introduced Ginny to the other two women.

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Ginny shook hands with both of them, but could not help mentioning that she had met Julia earlier. Ginny imagined that Julia had some kind of routine that she followed regarding her bath and she remembered that Davenport had both tubs filled when Ginny had entered the bathroom. She wondered why the old lady had not told her that Julia might come in to bathe or had not alerted Julia to her presence. Over dinner, Ginny got to know the other women. Julia was a lot more reticent, which only made her more appealing to Ginny.

She learned that Brenda came from Washington state and Julia came from Oregon. Julia seemed quite active in the community, which was expected from the local school teacher. Brenda was a more recent arrival, who was still getting to know the community she was in.

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When the talk turned to finding husbands in the town, as these kind of conversations usually did, Brenda was enthusiastic. It sounded as though she was already interested in someone at the bank. Julia was conspicuously silent, however, something that Ginny noted immediately. Ginny did not buy that for a moment.

A beautiful, voluptuous woman would always attract men like flies to honey, no matter how tall she was. Ginny knew this from experience. But she did not say anything, even though she easily could have.

Brenda made the obvious connection, however, and blurted it out. You are so very pretty! Miss Ginny is just as tall as you are - do you have any problem with attracting men, Miss Ginny? She smiled. Getting rid of them is.

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Ginny was sure that Julia understood exactly what she meant. They came to the end of the meal and retired to the drawing room for after-dinner tea. Ginny found it all very civilized and enjoyed it. She was not often in this kind of environment and found it a pleasant distraction to see how well she could fit in.

But she was far more interested in Julia. Though her attention was not overt, she was certain that the blonde Amazonian beauty was picking up on her intentions. Women, especially lesbians in the kind of world that they were in, quickly developed a sixth sense at finding each other.

Ginny was sure that the beautiful teacher was a full-fledged lesbian, though she might not even be aware of it herself.

Ginny continued dropping subtle clues to the woman throughout the evening. She was not entirely sure they were getting through, though twice little things that she said seemed to make the teacher turn away in subtle embarrassment.

Ginny found this all very charming, but she was not infinitely patient. She would only be here for a week and she was not about to let such a succulent, prime piece of pussy go untasted and untouched.

If Julia did not wake up to her overtures, maybe Ginny would need to pay her a late night visit. She was sure that once she got the woman going, the gorgeous woman would hold nothing back. She was like tinder, just waiting for a spark. Discipline is very important to learning.

But occasionally more serious measures are necessary, like the strap or suspension from school.

I do have a particular skill with the strap that I employ to get the best results. Brenda offered to play Ginny a game of cards. Ginny agreed and Julia excused herself to go to her rooms on the second floor to prepare her classes for the next day. Ginny and Brenda played for an hour or so, then Brenda retired to her room. Ginny found a book to read in the library and left Miss Davenport alone with her knitting in the drawing room.

The big redhead made her way up the stairs. She heard footsteps approaching the door, then it opened. Julia looked a little surprised to see her. But then she stepped a little closer. With a body like that, anyone would be interested. The teacher closed the door to her suite of rooms. Ginny paused for a moment, then continued up the stairs to her room on the third floor. She hoped she was right about the teacher; she hoped her invitation was not too blatant.

She hoped she would not have to take an even more direct approach. Ginny liked to sleep in the nude, but she rarely did it. Often, when she was in civilization, she had to stay in fleabag hotels where staying dressed for sleep was a requirement, both to keep away bedbugs and because she might need to leave in a hurry. Often, she had to share a bed with a stranger.

On the trail, she usually slept in her travel clothes. Tonight, in a warm, clean room with good, clean sheets, she enjoyed the feel of smooth, crisp sheets on her bare skin. Ginny was reading the book she had taken from the house library. It was almost when she heard a surreptitious knock at her door.

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But this was much better. Ginny opened the door and Julia immediately slipped inside. The blonde woman started when she saw that Ginny was nude, but her look of surprise soon turned to one of studied impassiveness.

Julia was wearing slippers and a full nightshirt that went all the way down to the ground and buttoned up to her neck. Ginny recognized it as one of satisfaction, as though a switch had been flipped in the mind of the women in front of her.

Or maybe it was a mask dropping. The school teacher stepped out of her slippers. Standing inside the door in her bare feet, she began unbuttoning the night dress from the collar button down. Ginny watched hungrily. Her heart was pounding with excitement and anticipation. She had thought she would need to encourage the teacher a bit more, but the woman seemed to be embracing her inner lesbian with alacrity. This seduction was proving to be a lot easier than Ginny had expected.

She continued unbuttoning, stopping only when she reached halfway down her thighs. It was absolutely delicious. The teacher stopped unbuttoning. She stood straight, looking at Ginny with a curiously blank expression on her face, almost as though she was waiting for some signal. Ginny and Julia locked eyes. Julia reached up and slowly slid the night dress off her shapely shoulders. The whole garment collapsed, falling in a heap at her feet. Julia stood before Ginny as an incredible specimen of womanhood.

Ginny felt her cunt lubricate precipitously, her nipples harden into fleshy brown spikes, as her eyes roamed over the incredible body before her. They hung on her chest like beautiful, meaty trophies, needing no support to stand proud and firm.

Her belly was long and taut, perfectly muscled, punctuated by a thin, deep navel. Her smooth, wasp waist curved out into luscious hips, which curved again into powerfully muscled thighs and thick, strong calves. Her pubic hair was thick and golden. Julia slapped Ginny right across the face. Ginny was not expecting it at all.

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The blow came out of nowhere and was remarkably powerful. It sent her staggering back towards the bed, dazed. I am a woman! And I am going to show you what a real woman can do! Julia hurled herself at the redheaded vixen. They fell on the bed in a tangle of long, powerful arms and legs. Ginny wrapped her arms around Julia, pulling the other woman in. Their massive tits, equally huge, thick and dense, crushed hard.

They shifted their tits on each other until their thick brown nipples stabbed each other and burned with tension and electricity. The women groaned in concert as their powerful bodies locked up, muscle straining against muscle, flesh sizzling and mating with flesh.

Their meeting was incredibly violent and erotic at once. It felt wonderful and the women could tell that both of them wanted the other with feverish intensity. Their thick thatches of pubic hair mashed and grated as they humped at each other, tangling up in tight knots.

The women exchanged pussy punches as each struggled to dominate the other. Ginny tilted her pelvis up, presenting her cunt to the blonde bitch. Julia moaned tortuously. The women contracted their pussies hard, forming a tight, hot suction between their genitals.

The raw sensations filled the women with sheer joy and almost overwhelming pleasure. They had to have more. Their engorged clits crushed tight and hard. The pure ecstasy was indescribable, excruciatingly pleasurable. The only thing they could do was to keep grinding and grinding, clit to clit, fucking each other to ecstasy.

Their naked bellies clapped and slid, sweat coating their bodies, their hot navels sucking.

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Ginny realized that what she was seeing was a woman who had not had this pleasure in a very long time, who was now enjoying every moment of ecstasy. Ginny could not regain the advantage; Julia was inside of her, sucking her inside out, the blonde pussy completely dominating and controlling the red pussy. Groaning, crying out in absolute ecstasy, Ginny found herself on the verge of an incredible orgasm, a submissive orgasm.

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She resisted for as long as she could, ten, twenty minutes of excruciating cunt to cunt wrestling, humping, fucking. Vaguely, in the dim recesses of her mind, as her body shook with pleasure, as she thrashed on the bed under her blonde rival, Ginny realized she was being milked like a cow, drained of her cum, sexually overwhelmed by this incredible blonde bitch.

Her muscles trembled with sexual tension then relief as she released. The women shuddered together through four, five absolutely shattering, delicious orgasms. Ginny was absolutely exhausted. The blonde teacher had fucked her out of her mind, fucked her into submission. Ginny had lost sexfights before, but all in her younger days, when she was a novice to the skill.

To lose one now, in her full womanhood, was shocking. Even more, her cunt had never before been so completely ravaged and overwhelmed.

She had seriously misjudged and misunderstood her blonde opponent and now she had paid the price. For several minutes, the women lay with Julia sprawled on top of Ginny, their bodies soaked with sweat and flush with heat, flesh to flesh. The redhead was too spent to care. Finally, with a groan, Julia rolled herself off of Ginny. The women shared a sharp grunt as their thick pubic hair ripped apart, their tangled bushes wet and thick.

Their cunts gushed as they separated and thick strings of ejaculate and nipple cum linked their tired twats and their burning nipples even after they separated. Ginny grunted, anger coming back to her now that the pleasure was abating. No one knows what a cunt you are behind closed doors. The redhead gd but she did not retaliate. The head cunt. The cunt that all the others worship. Even that bag, Miss Davenport, respects my position. But the old biddy knows the power of an Alpha bitch when she sees one.

You gave me a good ride.

Sexy ginny naked

Ginny did. She had been defeated. She owed her conqueror a victory fuck, or a cunt-eating, at the least. Ginny got to her knees; Julia arranged herself, her back to the bedhead, and spread her legs. Eat and suck. I specialized in domination. I enjoy discipline. And the occasional adult, like you. Ginny did not reply. She was too busy with the task at hand. She was shuddering with pleasure, biting her lip, her body straining against the bedhead as she writhed, her back arching in exultation.

Gasping, her chest heaving, Julia stretched out her arms along the top of the bedhead and held it desperately as a wave of pure pleasure washed through her - not quite an orgasm, but tantalizingly close. Ginny was not daunted. She arched her back, grabbed her own hard, aching tits, and squeezed them desperately as she came in a gusher of cum.

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She clenched her teeth, turning her scream in grunting moans, but she could not hold back her cries of ecstasy. Desperately, she reached down, grabbed one of the pillows off the bed, and shoved it into her face. She shrieked into the soft down, shuddering as waves of erotic bliss reverberated through her quivering body. She was practically drowning Ginny in hot ejaculate, but the redhead swallowed back everything that she could and took satisfaction in the pleasure she had forced her enemy to accept.

Gasping, Julia pulled the pillow from her face and threw it onto the bed. She was panting furiously, her massive tits heaving, sweat trickling down between her tits onto her belly. Her nipples were leaking, not quite ejaculating, but close. Sullenly, she glared down at Ginny, whose gorgeous, cum-covered face stared up at her from between her legs, wearing a smug smile. Julia knew the redhead had taken some small measure of revenge, forcing her to an earthshaking orgasm.

This particular bout of cunnilingus was more an act of defiance than an act of submission, however, and both women knew it. Julia climbed off of Ginny, but only for a moment.

Moaning tortuously, they ate each other with ravenous hunger, their groans and moans of pure pleasure meeting and harmonizing, their pure pleasure growing exponentially.

The teacher bucked, then eagerly returned the violation. The women finger-fucked and probed each other, but most of the battle was concentrated on their clit-sucking. They shared moans, gasps, cries of pure pleasure, as they sucked each other to orgasmic bliss. After more than 45 minutes, the women were on the verge of explosion. Both were shuddering, trembling, their bodies overwhelmed with sexual tension, desperate to explode in ecstasy.

Both struggled to retain control, each determined to force the other to orgasm first. The cum jetted over her face, covering her gorgeous visage in hot ejaculate.

Finally, they released each other and rolled apart. Panting, they lay side by side, their massive tits heaving, their perfect bodies slicked with cum and sweat. Both women felt the erotic electricity tingling in their extremities and their erogenous zones in the aftermath of the unbearable pleasure they had forced on each other. After a while, Julia pushed herself up and looked at the wind-up clock on the night table.

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